Beautiful Black And White Damask Comforter Set

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When you think of a Paris themed bedroom the word damask comes instantly to mind as this ancient weaving technique that allows patterns to be reversed on fabric, was a huge favorite in Europe when Marco Polo a Venetian explorer came across this luxurious textile in the city of Damascus and seeing the beauty and worth knew instinctively the royals of Europe would be very interested in his latest treasure find!

King Louis XVl of France and husband to Marie Antoinette began creating new symmetrical designs with flowers, leaves and stripes in rich, vibrant colors and today the damask patterns we see on beautiful bedding are the inspiration from many centuries past. The new designers have of course added their own creative edge, but like this stunning black and white bedding set featuring a Queen size comforter measuring 90″ x 94″ with two matching shams(20″ x 26″), the essence of the traditional damask motif is very much the same.The comforter reverses to a white background with a gorgeous black damask pattern giving you visual options whenever you feel like a change. Fabric is 100% soft, quality cotton, with a 250 thread count making this a popular bedding choice for those who love the classic, damask style.

if you are hoping to find a deluxe, black and white bedding set with a plush, palatial appeal, the damask theme is a design winner every time as centuries on from it’s introduction to Europe this prestigious art of pattern weaving is adding a timeless WOW Factor to modern 21st century homes and likely to keep doing so for generations to come.

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