What more would a Princess of any age require than a frilly pink bed- skirt like this one featured here...Triple layered (tulle) to ensure a magical effect where all Paris girls can close their boudoir door and drift away to a land where Princes...

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This Shabby Chic/Country style Bed-Skirt in delicate white is designed to fit a Queen size bed..Classic eyelet ruffle with a 14 inch drop - Cotton/PolyesterCustomers who ordered left many complimentary comments..."So easy to put on and it...

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 "Classic Shabby Chic" This pretty - ivory colored bed-skirt will add all the elegance you will need for a delicate feminine look.Designed to fit a King or Queen size bed this daintily, ruffled bed-skirt is made of 100% polyester and has a 16...

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Match your black and white Damask Comforter with a black pleated bed-skirt to complete the look..This Queen size Bed Skirt measures 80" x 60" x 0.2" and is made of cotton-polyester with a 200- Thread count..Available in a 14 inch...

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Shabby Ruffles Perfect for the Shabby Chic look with its mass of "white ruffles"...Size is 60" x 80" with a 15 inch drop - Made of Cotton-PolyesterCreate your own own beautiful bedroom with this elaborate...

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