Fans of soft, romantic shabby cottage style bedding are going to love this beautiful, Queen size comforter set  featuring subtle pink roses, vintage bicycles, Eiffel Tower imagery in soft pinks, green/blue, purple hues on a pretty patterned, white...

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Some designers of classy, quality bedding stand above the rest creating only the best, like this colorful, pink, green, white aqua, Paris (Twin) Quilt set, featuring subtle imagery of the Eiffel Tower, vintage bicycles, plus a mix of popular...

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Marie Antoinette, Queen of France  was born Austrian but soon became a Parisian fashion icon  and a huge fan of floral decor, especially in her private chambers, within the luxurious palace of Versailles where she resided with her husband King...

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A classic Paris apartment in a Haussmann building with beautiful period features is possibly the ultimate in high-class Parisian living where a resident can decorate their boudoir with a totally posh, regal look, synonymous with the decor of the...

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Black and white in the home has an eye-catching effect as this clash of color opposites pop like crazy against accent hues like hot pink, purple, red, turquoise or yellow creating a dynamic space that looks effortless fabulous and modern. A black...

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Beautiful egg-shell duvet cover set with a grandiose yet subtle darker  motif, reminiscent of the classic French "Fleur de Lis" pattern.If you are looking to create an elegant bedroom with a contemporary appeal this understated style of bedding...

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