Create A Teens Paris Themed Bedroom On A Budget

Creating a Paris themed bedroom for a teenager is a fun and exciting experience—both for you and the teen! How cool and unique is it to transform a bedroom into the very essence of Paris, France, and to have limitless options to do so? From brilliantly bright colors to soft fabrics to trinkets of the Eiffel Tower, you can truly give your teen anything they wish in regards to Parisian style.

And you know what’s even better? You can still do all this even if you’re on a tight budget! A perfect place to start is online at Paris Bedding, where you’ll find the crème de la crème of bedding at the best prices. Eiffel Tower sheets in pastel colors and high count cotton, along with bedspreads and pillows in gorgeous, crisp black and white hues and French Script phrases, make for perfect décor at affordable cost. Want more of a girly touch with pink or purple tasseled throw pillows and blankets? That’s all available, too! Accessories such as bed runners and even stuffed Eiffel Towers are always options as well, and these can be catered to your teen’s personality. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to create a perfect Paris themed bedroom for your teenager under a budget.

Have fun, finding pre-loved Parisian decor treasures to add to your theme!

If you prefer to shop in-store, then there’s tons of places you can get fabulous deals on Parisian decorations, too. From estate and garage sales to antique market stores and charity centers, you’d be amazed at all the incredible Parisian vintage items you can find. The saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Keep your mind open to old timey signs, tins, hatboxes, and couture jewelry boxes and holders! So, get to searching and you’ll be sure to find treasures you might have never even thought of!

Save cash painting your existing furniture!

It’s not just about knowing where to find great steals, but also all the awesome DIY projects you can do. This serves as a money saver and a terrific bonding and learning experience with your teen. You don’t have to throw out already existing furniture in the bedroom—instead, paint it! Distressed wood makes a beautiful, shabby chic statement, while stencils of iconic French images such as the Eiffel Tower or damask are easy to apply and pack a bold punch when it comes to décor. And don’t stop at furniture! The walls are a blank canvas waiting to be turned into a Parisian masterpiece and that’s a DIY project anyone can tackle. Paint an accent wall a French royal purple and stamp on metallic gold foil damask prints. Don’t want to commit to something so permanent? You can find wall decals here at the Paris Bedding store as well, and they leave no damage on walls or ceilings if you ever want to remove them! Plus, they are a breeze to install! You can also have your teen paint some Parisian-themed pictures on canvas and use Sometimes DIY is all about creativity to the maximum, so step back and eye the room you’re decorating for some awesome inspiration.

Have things stored in your home that you never use, such as brass candelabras or velvet curtains? Bring them out and give them a new home in your teenager’s up and coming Parisian bedroom! Hang those curtains up on the wall in tapestry style and set out otherwise forgotten about trinkets and baubles on beside tables. The point is, there is always one (or ten) things sitting dormant somewhere in your home that can be used as great Paris styled decorations—and you don’t have to spend a cent.

Create a Youthful, Sophisticated Paris Teens Bedroom Theme!

The best thing about a Paris themed teen bedroom is that it’s versatile. You can add just about anything at any time or season in the future. A Parisian bedroom is one that your teen can really grow into and it’s just about the only motif in which you can mix youth with sophistication. The bottom line is that you don’t have to break the bank to give your teen their dream bedroom. It just takes a little imagination and the right resources to create something extraordinarily beautiful and worth of the classic “j’adore” sentiment.

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