Creative Design Tips For A Paris, Eiffel Tower Bedding Theme

Paris is the most romantic, inviting city in all the world, but most of us don’t have the option to visit this magic place as frequently as we would like. But did you know that you can still bring the City of Lights into your home and surround yourself with its enchanting feel? With the right frame of creative mind, and an excitement for the hundreds of decorating options, you can turn your very own bedroom into an oasis of French culture.

Eiffel Tower Bedding For Every Personal Style

A great place to start when imagining the perfect Parisian décor theme is the city’s icons. Eiffel Tower bedding is a perfect way to center the Paris motif, and this can be done with complete bedding sets, or even just bedding accents like pillows, skirts, or overlays. Eiffel Tower bedding can be catered to any personal style, from bold fabrics and colors, to more chic hues and designs. What’s better is that it’s all interchangeable. If you feel like sporting a pale pink, postcard design of the Eiffel Tower on a gorgeous duvet for the spring, but then want something darker and more abstract for the cooler months, you can do this easily and affordably. Switching over looks has never been more versatile and simple.

Tips For Creating A Seasonal Paris Theme

Maybe you feel like going with a more subtle flavor, and if this is the case, pamper your bed with Eiffel Tower satin sheets or intricately detailed fleece throw blankets. Eiffel Tower shaped accent pillows and iconic bejeweled bed runners are both perfect for when you feel like making things a bit bolder without having to put in tons of time and work. Keeping unique bedding pieces like this on hand is the key to interchanging looks any time you wish. Also, opting for classic Parisian prints such as damask or the fleur de lis imagery is a good way to ensure you can always mix and match your French décor items.

Add Eiffel Tower Decor To Your Paris Bedroom Look!

A Paris themed bedroom can be full of majestic personality as well. Once your bedding look is done, branch out to other areas in your room with the use of window furnishings, wall art, and even furniture and accessories. Decals of the city itself that span an entire accent wall can make you feel as though you just stepped out of a Parisian café without ever even leaving your bedroom.

Regardless of what colors, designs, and overall style you put together, a Paris themed bedroom is one that offers a peaceful space to relax and enjoy all of the time.

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