Scarlet Red Black & White – Eiffel Tower Photography Blanket

Paris themed blankets are a clever way to incorporate a city of light theme into your bedroom. This red, black and white Eiffel tower blanket highlights a classic photo of La Tour Eiffel by the river Seine in front of the Pont d’lena bridge built in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Eiffel tower was constructed in 1889 and became the toast of Paris and the world.  Blankets, throws are versatile accessories as they can add imagery to a bedroom look, while adding warmth.

Themed blankets are a clever way to add your favorite visual if you prefer plain bedding. Paris is a city that live and breathes culture, fashion and food but lets not forget the monuments that dominate the Parisian landscape. A blanket featuring the famous Eiffel tower in the well-loved tones of black, white and red brings a splash of color and interest to any room.