Elegant Damask Bedding

Parisian style bedding is gorgeous and chic, with an air of sophistication that no other style can rival. A particularly popular pattern within the world is damask bedding and it holds to its trend not just for its alluring beauty, but also for its rich history. Damask is an interchangeable pattern that dates back to the Middle Ages as a popular form of weaving. The name itself comes from the commerce-heavy city of Damascus that sat prominently on the Silk Road, and in 14th century France damask was an elegant and exquisite design paired with metallic and two-tone threading. Today, the damask print is extremely popular in the fashion industry and is still used with two-tones and metallic pairings. It is a look that boasts “expensive taste” and “high class style”, and it never loses its near-royal air.

Perhaps this is why bringing damask bedding into your bedroom is so perfect for this particular space of relaxation and rest. Damask bedding gives your bedroom the ultimate fancy look while still being cool and serene. Black and white damask bedding specifically is a great way to bring a damask style to your bedroom, and a black and white damask comforter or sheet set with huge plush pillows is a perfect pulled together look. Black and white damask bedding coexists brilliantly with absolutely any other décor and every style imaginable as well.

Damask bedding is one of the most versatile looks you can bring into your bedroom space. It takes the feel of romantic Parisian decoration to an entirely new level, allowing you to let your personality shine through. A thick duvet cover in gray and bright pink interchangeable damask printing, or a cozy coverlet with a new-age, bold white damask against sweet turquoise are both excellent ways to spiff up your bed. Likewise, you can mix damask prints with all other sorts of prints as well. Pillows with thick white stripes pair wonderfully with silk damask sheet sets, just as a bold, polka-dot comforter looks incredible with soft pink shams threaded in metallic damask design.

For the ultimate look of royalty, mix damask patterns with hues like deep purple, burgundy, or green, and further merge these with exquisite fabrics of velvet or satin. You can never have too much damask style within your bedding, so pile it on top of itself if that’s what you wish! Damask can be equally striking whether it’s weaved in bold designs or more subtle looks, and no matter which style you opt for, it’s the richest of French-inspired looks. There is simply no better way to bring Paris into your bedroom than with damask, as the pattern itself is a culture all its own.


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