Girls Paris Bedding With A Chic, Damask Theme

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There’s a lot of fun to be had in creating a Paris themed bedroom for a young fan in your home, who has the city of light on her wish list, but meanwhile wants to bring the essence of Paris into her bedroom.This is so she can dream about the day she’ll be walking past all the beautiful monuments she’s seen in magazines and gasp in awe at the fabulous fashion stores, where she’ll be able to buy all the latest clothing, made by iconic brand names like Chanel and some of the newer fashion designers. Every fashionista knows.that Paris will always be, the fashion capitol of the world.

This will reflect in her Paris themed bedroom, that will be a clever mix of antique, vintage furnishings and today’s modern Paris decor.  The wall colors are likely to be pink, aqua or turquoise with an Eiffel tower bedding design or black and white damask. The bedroom furniture can be painted black or white to suit and  might embrace the ornate, curvaceous style that was inspired by the kings of France who had a passion for beautifully crafted furniture in the traditional Baroque, playful Rococo and Neo-classical styles. The cabinet hardware should be in vogue with the overall traditional look and you can generally find metal or glass replicas of these old style handles or knobs to give the furniture an authentic look. Wrought iron night stands and bed heads will also give a classic Parisian feel, as will a canopy bed used by royal Kings and Queens in their private chamber

Let luxurious Chateau rooms inspire your Paris theme

The royal, Chateau de Versailles features exquisite damask wall coverings in many of the rooms, much like the patterns we see on Paris bedding today. So if your youthful, Paris fan has chosen a damask bedding set you are walking in the footsteps of fashionable French Queens like Marie Antoinette, who embraced the timeless beauty of this palatial motif. Don’t forget to replace the above lighting with a chandelier, which will unify the elegance of the room and hang full to the floor curtains with tie-backs for a dramatic backdrop effect.

Bedside table lamps emulating wrought iron bring a rustic edge to an otherwise timeless pattern and feel free to go crazy with throw pillows in hot pink, purple damask or co-ordinate with black and white. Putting your own stamp on accessories and color schemes is the way o create a unique look that is all your own. Wall decor featuring vintage Paris signs, posters and prints are relatively easy to find.