Bold & Bright – Red Paris Bedding

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The cool combination of red, black and white guarantees a stylish bedroom look, especially if the bedding theme takes you to the city of light where you will be swept away by the enormity of a tall, metal tower that lights up the whole city by night.

Contemporary comforter

This stylish, red Paris bedding set features black and red Eiffel tower accents with Paris post stamps and elegant, French script writing set again a pristine white background. This is a complete comforter set with co-coordinating curtains.

Eiffel Tower – A stylish brand

Red, black or white Paris wall decor and similar themed decor will create a stand out bedroom theme. The visual elements and color schemes often used in Paris bedding themes bring home the versatility of  French scenic landmarks that have luckily been preserved for every generation to learn from and enjoy. The Eiffel Tower has become a household brand with it’s unique shape and decorative history delighting all those who choose to explore how it was constructed and the fact that Gustave Eiffel, the maker of la Tour Eiffel, had an apartment on the top floor that was considered the most sought after real estate and place to spend a night in Paris. Red Paris bedding allows you to style your bedroom with the beauty of Paris in your favorite color.

Divine Damask Comforter Set With A Paris Bedding Design

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With a fabulous feminine appeal this timeless comforter set will be a welcoming gift for the girl who likes her bedroom to reflect the city she has come to love with it’s romantic monuments, fairy-tale palaces and trending fashion stores. If your teen is ready to upgrade to an elegant Paris themed bedding set, this beautiful, damask design with Eiffel tower accents is a stylish choice.

.Damask has its origins in ancient times and was a favorite with European  designers during the reign of French royalty. Today damask is still in vogue and highly revered for its look of grandeur and sophistication. A Paris bedding set featuring the elegance of Paris and the Eiffel tower offers a design theme you will love to see in your guest room or master-suite. Kids love the damask design and often have black and white damask bedding set with Paris themed accessories. This is a salute to the breathtaking Chateau de Versailles palace on the outskirts of Paris, where damask furnishings were a favorite of the French royal families.

Paris Black & White Bedding – For Teens Who Love Paris

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Snazzy black and white bedding set for kids, teens who have a childhood crush on Paris, a memorizing European city enhanced with unforgettable monuments and the Eiffel tower, a legendary structure that hovers over the city and lights up every night. This Paris black and white bedding features French poodles, bicycles, (a great way to see Paris) and La Tour Eiffel imagery.

Paris black and white bedding themes are a clever way to decorate a room as there are coordinating accessories available to enhance the overall look. Eiffel table shaped lamps,wall art or Paris pillows scattered on the bed bring the dazzling allure of this fabulous city to life.

Pink Paris Bedding For Kids Paris Theme

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The design element on this beautiful, Paris themed bedding is stylish and fun with all the wonderfully whimsical images you would expect to see including love hearts, black cats and the Eiffel Tower.

The ancient city of Paris in France offers much inspiration for teens and kids who love the mystic aura Paris exudes. Even grownups are drawn to the romantic past of Paris where Kings ruled over the land from the Chateau de Versailles palace, a residence always decorated in the latest furnishings and design. This (7-piece) pink, Paris bedding set is a Queen size with a Twin and Full option.

Pink Paris bedding themes are popular for kids and teens who love the city of light and the amazing Eiffel tower. Cities are coming into their own as design themes for decor themes as places like London and Paris have so much history to drawn upon in their historic monuments and structures. Like Big Ben in London is a local feature, the Eiffel tower is a crowd pleaser in Paris, France where this unique, pylon structure has stood on the Champs de Mars park-ground since her construction in 1889. Pink Paris bedding that depicts the Eiffel tower is hugely popular in bedrooms all around the world.