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Glittering – Golden Lights Of The Eiffel Tower Blanket

As the day fades to night in Paris the lights come on and the Eiffel tower is illuminated in sparkling gold. Spotlights from the top of the tower criss-cross in the sky creating a cosmic ambiance to the visitor of this enduring city.

If you want to inspire a Paris theme in your bedroom, this blanket showcasing so beautifully visually la tour Eiffel as she sparkles to the awe of fans who travel far and wide to see this wondrous sight—-will no doubt exude a memorable, romantic vibe.

In a neutral-toned bedroom, a colorful blanket featuring the Paris tower will provide a vibrant accent while being available to cozy up to to on colder nights. They are generally soft to the touch and machine washable.

Teal Paris Bedding For Kids Who Love The Eiffel Tower

This fun, Paris design with teal and splashes of green and pink is an ideal bedding choice for kids, teens. The city of light in France has many fans and there seems no age barrier to creating a bedroom with an endearing Paris theme. Teal is a popular color and works well with Paris bedding and co-coordinating wall decor, highlighting this cool, modern hue.

The inspiring history of Paris has influenced bedroom themes as kids enjoy emulating the royal era of France and the way they decorated their palace of Versailles. This started a trend of hanging a chandelier, choosing ornate furniture as kids, teens dressed their rooms with opulence and grandeur. Some opt for a more casual, modern look and there is always a Paris bedding set to suit.