Paris Bedding – Eiffel Tower Boudoir

Paris bedding¬†featuring the Eiffel Tower is a fabulous way to create a boudoir that makes you feel as though you are there in this romantic, fascinating “city of lights.”

“La Tour Eiffel” stands on the “Champ de Mars” in Paris as a 7th wonder of the world and was constructed by Gustav Eiffel in 1889 as an entrance arch for a World fair (Exposition Universelle) being held in Paris. The fascination with this 324 meter high tower has extended to home decor where we love to dress our bedrooms in gorgeous comforters and duvets in it’s mysterious, hypnotic image..

If you want to create a Paris boudoir theme then the bedroom is the perfect place to start as it encompasses the romanticism and mystique of this 5000 year old city called Paris has captured the imaginations of all of us who long to have a boudoir that is reminiscent of 18th century French grandeur where members of the royal court of Versailles would dance under a sparkling crystal chandelier or relax on a damask covered chaise longue.

Paris bedding is the key to a romantique boudoir that inspires the fairytale princess within..

Paris Chic Bedding

Fairytale Paris Princess

Ooh la la

Parisian Pink


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