Paris Bedding – Elegance And Charm!

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. But did you know you can bring Paris right into your bedroom? Read on to learn how you can use Paris bedding to achieve the ultimate Paris boudoir..

a) Colors

For a Paris-themed bedroom, there are a couple of options when it comes to colors. This will depend on your age, mood and general feeling about your room. For instance, you can use light baby pink or a simple beige or cream color (for a less girly look). Popular colors with younger fans are white and black with pink, turquoise and lime green. Older fans of Paris bedding prefer classier looks with more subdued colors such as Tiffany Blues or light ice blues. Pick the bedding colors that you are most comfortable with. Alternatively, you can always go for Eiffel Tower bedding.

Where possible, you can also match the colors of the bedding to your wall colors. Whatever the case, ensure that you decorate your walls using vinyl wall stickers of different shapes or choose a black and white poster or print of “La Tour Eiffel” or Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast At Tiffany’s)

b) Accessories

You should also consider accessorizing your bedroom area with anything French and Parisian. For instance, you can use damask or Eiffel tower for inspired Paris style. Remember the look is luxurious and always in vogue.

Replace your ceiling lamp with a crystal chandelier to help draw the bedroom together. You can also add an elegant table lamp, with a black or simple white/ cream shade.

c) French Style Furniture

The furniture you choose is important because it will add that Parisian feel to the room. A white dresser or vanity unit with typical French cabriolet legs and curvaceous form is an ideal choice for a classic Parisian boudoir..but if contemporary is more to your taste the style of furniture can be tailored to suit.

Finally, go for a wrought- iron or a canopy bed. The overall visual appeal of a Parisian inspired bedroom will be romantic, fashionable, elegant and beautiful.


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