Paris Bedding From The City Of Light

Imagine a home with all the elegance and romantic ambience of Paris, the exceptional city of light where it’s people know the meaning of living an effortless life in the midst of beautiful monuments that reflect a colorful history when creative forces worked through the ages to make Paris a focal point on the world map, as it remains today.

One of the popular rooms in the home to create a Paris theme is the modern day boudoir, where the magic of this city can shine through the stylish Paris bedding choices available to make your bedroom a ritzy statement, posh and palatial.

A black and white damask themed comforter or duvet presents a chic tireless look with a regal appeal that takes us back to 17th century Paris when the political landscape was very different and one Louis King or another ruled the land from a palace in Versailles, filled with decor treasures from exquisite damask wall hangings to masterpiece ceiling paintings, friezes and canopy beds that represented the status of the current king and Queen of France and their exquisite taste in furnishings.

Centuries later Parisians salute their royal past with beautiful bedrooms, we love to emulate for their aristocratic aptitude and luxurious style. If you want to bring the joie de vivre of this remarkable city to your home a Paris bedding set with stunning Eiffel tower imagery.of a tower that brings us to our feet in celebration of mankind’s wonderful vision and determination to create something unique and everlasting, is a powerful theme for the modern bedroom.

For the young at heart there is an array of Paris bedding that allows us to see beyond the monuments into other aspects of every day Parisian life with French poodles out for their daily walk, hot air balloons giving a birds eye view of the city and other eloquent imagery including references to French script, a beautiful old-world way of writing and romantic cartes postales (postcards) from Paris with love.

Decorate your home Paris a la mode and live like a Parisian Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup (Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly)


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