Paris Bedding The Fabulous, Photogenic Mademoiselle Eiffel Tower

Let’s go to Paris and soak up the magical ambiance that makes this city a place with so much to offer from the outstanding historical architecture a must see for those wanting to experience the beauty of European monuments, such as the grand Paris Opera House built in the late 1800’s as part of the famed Haussmann project commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, who it would seem was more than a great General as he literally re-modeled the whole of Paris from it’s medieval layout into the stylish metropolis it is today.

Parisians, whether they be born of royal blood or a citizen of Europe making Paris their home, have always had an innovative effect on the city of light with daring engineers who stood against opposition to build a metal tower that stands as a landmark, piece of art you could set your compass by from most parts of Paris. The Eiffel tower could easily be the most famous and photogenic fashion model in Paris, with her highly attractive form that attracts millions of visitors willing to pay to see this chameleon, celebrity that transforms as the Parisian sun goes down, into a glittering Moulin Rouge, stye cabaret performer, wowing the audience with her sparkling, light dance moves and colorful costume change.

Such is the awesome power of the Eiffel tower, whose celebrity status has never waned or failed to impress her adoring fans, who can’t seem to get enough of this grande dame, the pride of Paris and France, it’s home nation who has in it’s back yard, one of the top tourist attractions in the world. Just as well it wasn’t pulled down in 1909 as was expected twenty years after it’s constructed in 1889, when a lot of Parisian people were not happy with the towers unusual look. As her popularity grew Mademoiselle Eiffel dug her pylons deeper into the turf of the Champ de Mars park-grounds and asserted her star quality over time that would keep her loyal public taking good care of her, with a repaint every seven years and a multitude of people working all hours to make those who come to pay homage, an experience they would never forget.

There are three floors on the Eiffel tower and as you begin your climb, the rooftops of Paris begin to appear and your heart beats faster as you see monuments emerge, as if out of nowhere while the immense stature and beauty of this two thousand year old city comes into view. This is what you dreamed about as you sat looking at images of Paris on your computer in a bedroom with an Eiffel tower theme, hoping that some day you would get to see this mighty iron lady and take the first step on the journey to the top level, where your heart might just skip a beat at the enormity of this elegant land that has visions of it’s vast history with palaces, stunning cathedrals, museums, statues and a European ambiance, that is romantic and breathtaking!

Also on the third floor is Gustave Eiffel’s once secret apartment, office where he would entertain foreign dignitaries and work on his science and aerodynamic experiments. Once high society in Paris got wind of this hideaway in the sky, they became green with envy and offered Monsieur Eiffel plenty of cash to spend a night, in the best real estate in town.

if all that climbing makes you hungry there are restaurants with fine dining on La Tour Eiffel, with birds-eye views of the city and a champagne bar where you can toast your dream come true visit to Paris..There are shops on the first and second floors, where souvenirs can be bought to take home to family and friends but don’t forget to take your camera so you can bring back photo’s of Paris, that will live in your memories forever.

Once you’ve been to Paris and seen this unique archetype of creative French design, you might want to create a bedroom with Eiffel tower bedding as a tribute to this mysterious, Parisian star or bring the tower a little closer till the day you can see her for yourself!

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