Paris Bedding – Valentines Day In Paris

Can you think of anything more romantic than spending Valentines day with the one you love?

Considering this is the city of love I can’t think of a more enchanting place to be as you look deeply¬† into your lovers eyes over dinner under the watchful eye of the Eiffel tower… or stroll hand in hand through the narrow streets of the historic Marais neighborhood an exquisite architectural wonder-land which dates back to the 12th century.and is alive with restaurants boutiques and art galleries.

La Marais

it is thought the ancient city of Paris is around 10,000 years old and what a life it has certainly lived throughout each century..from revolutions to war with the British this incredible “city of lights” Paris always maintained a stance of uniqueness where artists flock to be inspired by it’s color history and mystical ambiance..

No where in the world does a land offer so much diversity in the arts and creativity….perhaps an angel once sprinkled a handful of fairy-dust on this fair city as it has a”joie de vivre ” that just gets under your skin until you long to experience all that this city of dreams has to offer. The Parisian lifestyle is avant garde and to most enchanting and magical!….the perfect place to be on Valentines day…


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