Paris Bedding With An Eiffel Tower Theme

Have you fallen under the spell of a European city in France called Paris, where you could easily mark a time in history by the stunningly beautiful stone monuments, bridges and apartments that give this city such an elegant, mystical appeal?

Many of us have and simply adore the romanticism of Paris and it’s people who seem to have found the key to a joyous life, Imagine living in the heart of this mysterious metropolis in an apartment that looks over the city and takes in a view of the Eiffel tower, constructed over a century ago and still drawing in the crowds, as the brainchild of Gustave Eiffel, who in the late 1800’s entered a competition to design a tower that would be for a time, the tallest in the world.

There are cities in the world that have ancient architecture, royal and revolutionary history, fashion and fine arts but nothing quite captures the imagination, than the city of light and that is down to the French people who seem to float on a cloud of amour, mirrored in their beautiful language, elegant style of dress and the chic way they decorate their homes.

A themed bedroom is a popular way to emulate a country or cities culture and style and if you have chosen Paris as your muse, Paris bedding will play a huge part in making a room live and breathe the essence of it’s fairy tale mystique.

if you want to make a grand statement, then a duvet or comforter featuring la dame de fer or the iron lady, will do just that and work superbly with a traditional or contemporary space. ¬†Eiffel tower bedding has an ageless appeal, very much like the original tower whose popularity¬†has soared to great heights through the years, due to it’s unique, metal design.

Using the iconic French tower as your Paris bedding, focal point you could add in a few Eiffel tower statues, with Paris themed wall art and furniture to suit.



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