Paris City of Toile And Damask..

What could be more romantic than a bed dressed in the classical pastoral patterns of toile de jouy or the more dramatic symmetrical design of damask.

Both a time-honored “chef d’oeuvre” the tantalizing toile and damask motifs are hugely popular today and feature predominantly in the area of bedding where they shine in a display of elegant splendor..

The French have long been revered for their artistic inventiveness and one only needs to walk through the streets of Paris where buildings such as the “Tour de Eiffel” and  the infamous “Notre Dame Cathedral” highlight this wonderful cultures ability to create inspiring works of art.

Paris…city of lights and romantique gestures has captivated a world in need of fairy tale endings and boudoirs that reflect the “olde world grandeur” of a prestigious – imperial past.

With a history as old as 3000 years there is much to draw upon from this fascinating city where fashion is born and an air of mystique hovers magically through every cafe and cobblestone street to remind us that Paris is and will always be the metropolis of love and expectation…

Toile de jouy






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