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Wow what a busy time of the year this has been and how fast the year has flown don’t you think?

I have been thoroughly enjoying  setting up the Paris Decor Boutique store so that  once you have chosen a Comforter or Duvet for your Parisian themed boudoir you can click over to the store and find everything else you need to make your bedroom a fabulous room to sleep, rest and enjoy…..

it is so easy when you love everything about Paris as I do so choosing the right furniture, chandeliers. kitchen and bathroom decor to bring to you has been an absolute joy and I look forward to you decorating and enhancing your Paris look with the gems I have found..

The romanticism of this city of lights has captured our hearts of imaginations for it really is a land steeped in incredible history and mystique..How many cities can credit themselves with having created so many styles of fashion, architecture and decor…

We have had Baroque, Rococo, Art- Nouveau – Neo Classicism and who could forget the geometric shapes and designs of Art Deco.

This truly is a melting melting pot of artistic splendor and i cannot think of a more exciting place to be than in a city where art is the key!..

So have fun putting your Paris theme together and create a touch of “joie de vivre” in your special corner of the world..

Paris blessings to you all


Paris Bedding Team

Paris Decor


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