Paris Themed Bedding

The city of lights has been the center of beauty in this world for as long as we can remember—so let’s bring the all-encompassing romance of Paris into our bedroom! Mon lit est mon sanctuaire—or “My bed is my sanctuary” in English—is a highly appropriate description of what our sleeping quarters mean within our lives. Incorporating Paris themed bedding with where we lay our heads at night proves to be a key to ultimate serenity and amour to our beloved bedroom.

Paris bedding can be alluring, peaceful, sexy, or wildly inventive. If you have a simpler taste, colors of black and white with Eiffel tower or damask imagery makes for the perfect comforter set. Mix that with soft shades of pinks or violets and you have a sweet touch of Paris in your bedroom. For more vibrant surroundings, go for unique and colorful images of the city itself! Romantic reds infused with a map of Paris, or an Andy Warhol-inspired image of the Eiffel tower and the magical sky above it will absolutely pop with personality spread across your sleeping space.

Paris bedding sets with elegant Parisian themes can also be fabulously classic. Floral rose and beautiful toile patterns create the feel of Paris and all its splendid grace. Sheets of ivory with blush toile designs topped off with a quilt sewn in images of gardens of peonies and decorative pillows adorned with the fun glitz of poodles adds the ultimate Paris chic to your bedroom.

Regardless of how you work the Paris décor theme into your bedding, it is sure to bring a smile to your lips every morning as you wake up in pure vogue style. J’adore!

Parisian Elegance

Turquoise Paris Haven

Paris Pink!

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