Pink Paris Bedding For Kids Paris Theme

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The design element on this beautiful, Paris themed bedding is stylish and fun with all the wonderfully whimsical images you would expect to see including love hearts, black cats and the Eiffel Tower.

The ancient city of Paris in France offers much inspiration for teens and kids who love the mystic aura Paris exudes. Even grownups are drawn to the romantic past of Paris where Kings ruled over the land from the Chateau de Versailles palace, a residence always decorated in the latest furnishings and design. This (7-piece) pink, Paris bedding set is a Queen size with a Twin and Full option.

Pink Paris bedding themes are popular for kids and teens who love the city of light and the amazing Eiffel tower. Cities are coming into their own as design themes for decor themes as places like London and Paris have so much history to drawn upon in their historic monuments and structures. Like Big Ben in London is a local feature, the Eiffel tower is a crowd pleaser in Paris, France where this unique, pylon structure has stood on the Champs de Mars park-ground since her construction in 1889. Pink Paris bedding that depicts the Eiffel tower is hugely popular in bedrooms all around the world.