Show Your Love For Paris – With A Pink, Paris Bedding Design

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Paris is the city of love with her endearing stone monuments that take us back to an era of French royalty and a revolutionary named Napoleon Bonaparte. The Eiffel tower made of iron and steel was to be the structure that would steal the show at the 1889 World fair to be held in Paris. Today the tower personifies Paris and has become a popular motif on Eiffel tower bedding.

The romantic image of this city transpires to themed bedrooms that embrace the vintage beauty of this French capitol that is a time capsule of ancient architecture and elegance. Post stamps, the Eiffel tower and references to the joie de vivre of Paris appear on this pink, Paris bedding set for fans of the city of dreams.

Pink Paris Bedding Set

Splashes of pastel pink with black Eiffel tower images on a pristine white background, sets the stage in your bedroom for an inspired Paris design space you will love spending time in. This color blend enables a fresh look if coordinated with white or soft pink painted walls, enhanced with black or white ornate bedroom furniture. You can take your design theme from online images or sifting through glam magazines of Paris. In the French capital citizens of this historic city decorate their abodes with a good measure of old and new decor, taking pieces of furniture from bygone eras and mixing them superbly with modern concepts. With so much beauty hidden in the centuries and palaces of French royals you can pick and choose what furnishing styles inspires you and integrate your ideas into a personalized, Paris bedroom theme.