The Beauty And Allure Of Eiffel Tower Bedding

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France has long been a majestic icon of romance, Parisian brilliance, and bold sophistication. It is an image that is instantly recognized all over the world and that image brings an air of finesse anywhere it is featured. The Eiffel Tower is a one of a kind worldly gem, built in honor of the centennial of the French Revolution and showcased as an architectural masterpiece that defines the very culture and enchantment that is Paris, France.

It’s no wonder, then, that bringing the moxie of this incredible landmark into your home is a must for any Paris lover. As the Eiffel Tower is a universal motif for romance, what better place to incorporate Paris into your home than the bedroom?  Is one of the most exquisite décor schemes you can put together and regardless of your tastes, it makes a bold statement and lasting impression. The options for Eiffel Tower bedding are endless and what could be more perfect than bringing the world’s most famous icon into the room where you begin and end your days?

Whether your personal style tethers on simple, contemporary, classic, or eclectic, you can incorporate the image of the Eiffel Tower easily into your setting and accessories. A white comforter with the Eiffel Tower painted in bold blacks and grays is a deliberate and iconic piece of décor in itself. Adding feminine touches with colors of purples, pinks, and reds takes the already romantic feel of the Eiffel Tower and turns it into something magical and fairytale-esque. A deep purple duvet with silver threading of the Eiffel Tower and lovely French sayings brings a luxurious atmosphere into the bedroom. Colorful throw pillows and sheets with “Paris” written in French Script alongside drawings of the Eiffel Tower add a fabulous and fun flair to the classic images. The beauty and allure that Eiffel Tower bedding brings to your sanctuary can truly make you feel as if you’re waking up in Paris.

~La Tour Eiffel~

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