The Regal Appeal Of Damask

Trends come and go as do fabric patterns which illuminate our senses at different times making us want to include them in our decor choices.

One magnificent motif which defies all fashions twists and turns is the magical damask prodigy that is a weaving technique, dating back to medieval times where double sided patterns were woven with the highest quality of silk.

it wasn’t long before European silk traders came across this pot of glossy gold and introduced it to Europe where it became a massive hit with the royal houses and those who could afford it as silk was incredibly expensive back then. The classic designs we are enthralled by today are a product of European artists who designed beautiful damask patterns featuring the acanthus leaf a nature motif used extensively in ancient Greek and Roman architecture, with floral and fruit ornamentation.

The spectacular Chateau de Versailles in Paris where French royalty once resided, features the most captivating damask wall hangings in the Kings And Queens Apartments and the revival of glamorous, European interior decor styles has led to this precious design gem appearing in homes as a fabulous accent pattern with a formal, regal appeal. Damask bedding adds instant grandeur to a contemporary bedroom as does an elegant black and white damask wallpaper, to a room with a Paris theme.

Popular damask patterns continue to hold their own as a go to design for beautifying planetary abodes in our own individual decor styles, showing that Damask is here to stay, adding a timeless regal appeal to 21st century moderne homes!

Stunning Damask Bedroom Look


Pretty Pink Damask


Stylish Damask Bedroom


Teens Black And White Damask With Tiffany Blue


Fabulous Trendy  Damask Inspired Nursery


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