Trendy Navy Blue Paris, Travel Themed (Queen) Duvet Cover

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If blue is your favorite color and Paris, France your choice of city to see and even live in some day, you’re going to get really excited about this good looking bedding, with a cool, travel theme highlighted by Eiffel Tower and camera images in a navy/royal blue and white color scheme—touches of yellow, green and red. With Paris clearly holding the top spot as the most popular place to go, “City Of Light” fever has spread like wildfire throughout the world as we all want to step back in time—-even just for a moment and be in city that has been around a long time creating beautiful monuments and a scenic history, that spans royals and revolutionary rule.

Beautiful, Blue And White Eiffel Tower Bedding Set!

The way to bring the romantic feeling of Paris is in your bedroom, where you can dress the bed creating an awesome focal point with this dreamy, (Queen) blue duvet cover measuring 78″ x 90″ that comes with two pillowcases (19″ x 29″) The pillowcase design may vary and the fabric is an easy care shrink/fade and stain-resistant, cotton blend, Twin and King sizes are also available.

Time to enjoy the mystique of this enduring–Euro city and create a trendy, Paris bedroom theme at a super-low cost!


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