it's time to jazz up the bedroom with a Paris theme for guys and girls who love this city, where top monuments show off their architectural prowess in the form of La Tour Eiffel, a super tall tower and once the highest structure in the world! Blue...

$49.99 as at 19:54 UTC. (Details)

Brand new bedding set looking Paris perfect, in gorgeous shades of aqua, pink for the girl who loves this European city where her favorite monument the Eiffel Tower lives, and can't wait to travel there one day! Paris, London Traveler Bedding Set...

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In classic black and white, you’ll be wowed by this standout Paris bedding set, with the Eiffel tower, charming Paris post marks and romantic French words like je t’ adore (I love you) in black writing, on a crisp white background. Black And...

$77.99 as at 11:59 UTC. (Details)

Looks like the paint brushes are coming out to decorate the teens, toddlers bedroom and just in the nick of time arrives a cute, colorful Paris themed (Twin) "Bonjour Paris" bedspread, backed by a well known brand and designed to impress in pink,...

$69.95 as at 19:59 UTC. (Details)

Some designers of classy, quality bedding stand above the rest creating only the best, like this colorful, pink, green, white aqua, Paris (Twin) Quilt set, featuring subtle imagery of the Eiffel Tower, vintage bicycles, plus a mix of popular...

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Surprise the teen, child in your home with this adorable twin bedding set featuring the cutest pink, Paris imagery with a charming vintage bicycle all ready to take your teen fan for a tour of Paris, where she will see the Eiffel Tower standing on...

$59.50 as at 19:59 UTC. (Details)

The beautiful scroll, floral style patterns of Damask have long since been associated with an elegant French decor theme, as back in time European traders discovered a secret art of fabric weaving in a city called Damascus and around the 14th...

$16.99 as at 19:34 UTC. (Details)

The serene, sea tones of trendy teal takes on two powerful European cities, London and Paris, to create an amazing bedding set packed full of fascinating vintage imagery, featuring the Paris, Eiffel Tower, a pinnacle of French architectural artistry...

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Lets go to Paris every night and sleep on quality, breathable, allergy-friendly, soft cotton sheets with a cute, colorful Paris themed, Eiffel Tower design, kids will adore.The set includes a twin size flat sheet, fitted sheet, plus one standard...

$39.50 as at 01:45 UTC. (Details)

When the top designers of Paris themed bedding come out to play you know you're in for a real treat, as seen right here on this brand new picturesque, travel inspired bedding set offering a Full/Queen Duvet cover that comes to you, with two matching...

$132.55 as at 07:01 UTC. (Details)
Hot Pink Damask Teens Bedding Set

Ladies who love Paris know the timeless, French, damask designs are a chic, choice when creating a Paris themed bedroom, making this hot pink and white damask Full/ Queen comforter with two matching pillow shams and an adorable throw pillow...

$99.00 as at 05:27 UTC. (Details)

If your decor vision is neutral earthy tones, the sight of this beautifully designed fleece throw, blanket will inspire instant interest, especially if you have been hoping to find a complimentary throw for a living room, bedroom where the city of...

$29.95 as at 07:00 UTC. (Details)

Creating an adorable Paris theme for the child in your home who loves this European city has never been easier with this budget-friendly, (Twin) bedding set featuring a colorful bedspread measuring 66"x 86" plus one standard size pillow sham (20" x...

$29.99 as at 03:14 UTC. (Details)

European cities with their ancient monuments and ties to royalty have an undeniable romanticism that is so appealing, making this beautiful black and white bedding encompassing the mystique of three cities with their famous monuments featured, a...

$138.99 as at 19:59 UTC. (Details)

Here is an opportunity to create an elegant Paris themed bedroom with this simply beautiful butterflies, floral Eiffel Tower bedding set featuring a Full size bedspread measuring 80" x 90" with the addition of a pink fitted sheet (64" x 80") plus...

$99.95 as at 21:05 UTC. (Details)

European cities steeped in history with magnificent monuments are the hot topic with teens, who love London, Paris and decorating their bedrooms with wall art and bedding like this glamorous pink, purple, black and white (Twin) Comforter measuring...

$64.99 as at 19:34 UTC. (Details)

This amazing, eye-catching Paris themed bedding set has a lot going on with a stunning blue, white and coral Chevron design, abstract flowers, romantic French script writing and a trendy rendition of the Eiffel Tower. if you already love the look,...

$219.95 as at 22:02 UTC. (Details)

The Paris pattern on this bedding set is in a word beautiful, with deep pink roses, Paris monuments including the Arc de Triomphe, commissioned as a tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte's French army plus the immortal Eiffel Tower! The look is gorgeous...

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Vintage Eiffel Tower damask, trendy teal/turquoise pillowcase

This is the way to create an ambiance of elegance, romance with this beautiful pillowcase featuring La Tour Eiffel, embellshed with a classic French Damask design, in a teal, turquoise hue! Paris fans of any age will be drawn to this stylish Paris...

$6.50 as at 14:22 UTC. (Details)

There is nothing quite like a beautiful throw pillow on a well dressed bed and if the theme is the chic, city of Paris, you'll love this this adorable cushion cover featuring, the Eiffel Tower and charming vintage bicycle, highlighted by an...

$5.99 as at 15:00 UTC. (Details)

Effortlessly chic in style, this beautiful Paris themed bedding set in fashionable colors of Gray and Aqua will create an elegant ambiance, with romantic illustrations featuring the Eiffel Tower, vintage post marks, French script and regal symbols...

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Hoping to find a beautiful bedding set featuring gorgeous Paris themed imagery with a classic vintage appeal? Here it is... A beautiful Paris, vintage bedding set with adorable birds hovering over pretty flowers by the monument, that everyone is...

$83.71 as at 00:15 UTC. (Details)

This is a great looking Full/Queen duvet cover set featuring photographic shots of the Eiffel Tower with silhouette, stye images of the Arc de Triomphe monument, Pont Neuf bridge, which is the oldest in Paris plus romantic French script and the...

$99.00 as at 15:23 UTC. (Details)

Black and white damask is a favorite bedding look for teens who love the elegant city of Paris and decorating their bedrooms with a classic, regal ambiance to reflect the days when French royals resided in the spectacular palace of Versailles, where...

$64.88 as at 07:07 UTC. (Details)

Such a beautiful night view of the Eiffel Tower, fully illuminated will be a wonderful addition to a bedroom with a chic, Paris theme!. This is a king size pillowcase measuring 20" x 36," which you could use as a centerpiece feature on a twin or...

$7.40 as at 23:40 UTC. (Details)

if you want to introduce the city of light and amour into your bedroom a clever, affordable way, is to brighten up your bedding with a beautiful throw pillow depicting all that is chic and beautiful about Paris This arty, floral cushion cover...

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European cities are taking the decor world by storm with their romantic history and captivating monuments, appearing on modern bedding like this exceptional King size quilt measuring 106" x 92," with two King pillow shams, plus two decorative throw...

$129.99 as at 18:24 UTC. (Details)