A Modern Classic – Paris Black And White Bedding

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A Paris theme bedroom demands a beautiful bedding set inspired by historic monuments and classic, French fashionable design. Yes Paris has the oh la la factor and dazzles on the world stage as the go to destination for inspiration and amour.

A bedding set featuring the iconic Eiffel tower, enchanting Paris post marks and eloquent French script is the ideal look for a bedroom  staged  with a romantic Paris theme. People of all ages are drawn to this city of light and see the magic a comforter or duvet set with Parisian imagery can create a showstopper bedroom look.

Choosing a Paris, black and white bedding set opens the door to a room color scheme. Painting the walls in a neutral shade allows accessories to be anything from gold, silver, copper or colorful—-while creating a wallpaper feature wall behind the bed, in stylish black and white stripes or other patterns is an elegant way to showcase a classic Parisian themed bedding, like the one featured.


Deep Pink – Paris Theme Comforter Set

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The enduring elegance of Paris, a European city with a history of royalty, revolutions and high fashion is still a popular choice when it comes to creating a romantic Paris themed bedroom. Pink is a favorite choice with teens and kids who have embraced this fairy-tale city by decorating their bedroom with comforter sets that feature Eiffel tower emblems, hearts to remind us this land is a popular destination for weddings and falling in love.

Find Paris, Eiffel tower accessories that light up your theme

Pink, black and white is still is a popular color combination for teens and kids who want their bedroom to have a Parisian theme. Once they have a bedding set, they may want to add Paris wall decor and other Eiffel tower inspired accessories, designed to compliment the color scheme chosen  Paris themes are a timeless design and popular with fans of this voguish metropolis. Paris bedding is the key to a bedroom with the city of light as its memorable focus.

A Sparkling Gold Bedding Set – With A Plush Paris Theme

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Paris is a visual city, popular for romantic movie scenes and an ethereal canvas for artists. Ancient architecture, breathtaking gardens and royal palaces are the muse for writers, sculptors, who continue to be inspired by the city of light. The French capitol is a romantic haven where lovers come to embrace, renew vows and soak up every inch of this fairy-tale metropolis, carrying its vivacious vibe back home where amazing Paris themed rooms are created. Enticing, Eiffel tower art-work, and Paris bedding like this black and white Comforter set,  featuring Eiffel tower, Paris post-marks imagery with French script design and gold accents

Create A Richly Designed Theme With Gold Accessories

Black, white and gold exudes an elegant atmosphere in any room and it will be fun finding just the right accessories, to bring to life your decor vision. Gold, Eiffel tower statues, black, white table lamps in the shape of the French tower plus beautiful Paris, monuments themed artwork can all enhance the magic of a Paris theme

Add golden wallpaper for a knockout, feature wall appeal

The sparkle of gold Eiffel towers on this comforter packs a punch of visual design and offers a showstopper effect, especially if you add a backdrop behind the bed of gold and black wallpaper. Gold has a ritzy appeal and will upscale any room look.

This is a large bedding set with all the trimmings including throw pillows, bed-skirt and sheet set.

Divine Damask Comforter Set With Eiffel Tower – Love Hearts Design

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With a fabulous feminine appeal this timeless comforter set will be a welcoming gift for the girl who likes her bedroom to reflect the city she has come to love with it’s romantic monuments, fairy-tale palaces and trending fashion stores. If your teen is ready to upgrade to an elegant Paris themed bedding set, this beautiful, damask design with Eiffel tower accents is a stylish choice.

.Damask has its origins in ancient times and was a favorite with European  designers during the reign of French royalty. Today damask is still in vogue and highly revered for its look of grandeur and sophistication.